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Get a good price for scrapping your car in Kent

If you have an old or unused car it may be difficult to resell it and may end up having little value even if you do if it doesn’t run properly. That does not mean the car isn’t worth something though you can still get a good cash price here in Kent by scrapping it.  

How Much Is My Scrap Car Worth? 

Scrapping your car can be a good way to earn yourself some money from a vehicle that is no longer usable. The amount of cash you’ll get will depend on various factors, however. The general size of the car will impact this as a larger and heavier vehicle will provide more scrap metal, fetching a better price. The make and model of the car will also affect its scrap price, newer models may have more valuable parts that end up being more useful to salvage than an older model of car. Consider the parts that are still left in your car as well, does your car still have its engine? The more parts still left in your car will increase its overall value, it’s a good idea to try not to remove any parts prior to scrapping it to get the best cash price.

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Why Should I Scrap My Car? 

    1. Repairs are becoming expensive – You may get to a point where you’re spending more and more money on constantly having to get repairs for your car to keep it running. Eventually, these repairs will cost more than the car is worth, at which point it would be much better to simply scrap the car.
    2. Your car is a write-off – Your car may have become damaged beyond repair or simply far too expensive to have repaired. You may have decided to buy back your vehicle from your insurer to scrap the car yourself for a better price, at which point scrapping your car is a good option. 
    3. You don’t want to sell – If your car has little value, to begin with, selling it may be more hassle than it’s worth. Arranging for people to view and test drive it or having to deal with a second-hand dealer trying to haggle just may not be worth it. Scrapping the car can be much quicker and easier. 
    4. The car is missing parts – Many people may strip a car of its parts to make use of or sell individually. This will leave a bulk of unusable parts left like the mainframe of the car. These parts are still worth money when scrapping however making it a good way to dispose of these leftover parts. 
  • Your car is fuel-inefficient – A car that is fuel-inefficient will cost more and more money to fill over time, especially with rising petrol prices. This can make the car more difficult to sell as well. Your car, therefore, becomes more expensive to keep than to simply scrap it for cash.   

scrap car collection kent

Scrap or Sell your Car in Kent 

Considering all of these factors you might now be convinced that scrapping your car is the best option for you, if so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us today to see how we can help you. 

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