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Scrap Car Collection Kent

Cash For Your Scrap Cars In Rochester And All Over Kent

We buy scrap cars all over Kent and the South East. Whether your car is an MOT failure, insurance write-off, or just an old car you want to get rid of. Get in touch with Scrap My Car Kent today. Scrap car collection Kent.

Not only do we buy scrap cars all over Rochester and Kent, we also collect them. We have an honest and reliable service to get rid of your unwanted cars for cash.

scrap car collection kent

Why Scrap Your Car?

If your car has come to the end of the road, then it’s time to exchange it for scrap. Many of the parts for a scrapped car can be recycled and used for other car repairs. When you choose to scrap your car with ScrapmycarEssexKentLondon, it’ll be recycled in line with the law at an authorised scrap car recycling center. When your car is recycled, you’ll get a DVLA Certificate of Destruction as proof that your car has been scrapped responsibly. Learn more about the DVLA Certificate of Destruction here.

What Type Of Cars Do You Normally Scrap At Scrap Cars Kent?

We see all types of cars at Scrap my car Essex Kent London, many of them are unusable due to a crash and the value of the car isn’t worth the repair. Sometimes a car might have failed an MOT test and there are too many repairs to complete for it to pass, in this case, the owner might just want payment for scrap as they can’t sell the car as a working vehicle. High mileage vehicles are something we see fairly often, a well-loved car will often have over 150,000 miles on, at which point it becomes hard to sell to another buyer. You can find out how much your car might be worth to sell in scrap by getting in touch here.

Can I Scrap My Car Without The Car Keys?

This might sound like a weird question but we get it a lot! Many people come to us asking about a vehicle that has been stored on private land and has reached the end of its life. A lot of the time an old car is stored, the owner misplaces the keys. You may think that selling a car without the keys is an issue, but in fact, it won’t affect the price and you can still sell your car to us for scrap.

When selling to Scrap my car Essex Kent London, you just need to prove to use that you own the scrap vehicle. The vehicle logbook, with your name and address on the form, is enough, if you have any other form of proof we will be happy to scrap your car. If you have misplaced your V5 logbook too, an alternative would be to show us your receipt of purchase from when you bought the vehicle, to prove that you are its genuine owner. Alternatively, an up-to-date SORN document from the DVLA should also be acceptable. If you don’t have any of these, one final option would be to pay for an HPI check to be undertaken by the breakers yard. This should prove that you were the last registered keeper, but the cost of this HPI check will, eat into the car’s scrap price.

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